Interfaith Dialogue

Inspired by the Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue in California, USA

Dialogue in Nigeria

Muslims & Christians Must Create Their Future

To initiate an interfaith dialogue between the Muslims and Christians communities in the North Region of Cameroon (Garoua), and some areas in Adamaoua Region (Ngaoundéré),Littoral region (Douala) and other Regions of Cameroon, to decrease the spontaneous conflict between them. The dialogue will be started by citizens — diverse women, men, and youth.  Elected officials from the concerned regions are encouraged to include themselves as equal participants. Ways of avoiding conflicts, mutually beneficial agreements, peace-keeping and peace-building projects, and other important concerns and issues will be discussed.

There is a poor quality of listening and communication, and thus mistrust and fear, between the people and parties.  Our need is for autonomous regional citizens and leaders — Christians, Muslims, others — who are willing to sit face-to-face to become artisans of communication skills.  Representatives and constituents will finally humanize and dignify everyone, and discover exactly what the issues mean to one another, everyone included.   Members of the Press and Broadcast Media may tell this new story of community building in Cameroon.


Ethnic, religious, and tribal healing and community building …

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